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Manic Love

Manic Love Books seeks to reduce stigma related to mental illness. We are launching a series of books that tell the stories behind what mental illness means for caregivers, family members, and the individuals who are seeking to successfully live with the unwanted inheritance they have been given.  

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Manic Love

An Unwanted Inheritance of Mental Illness

Inspired by a true story, follow Virginia Hendricks, a beautiful country girl from Millry, Alabama.  She was swept off her feet at the age of 19 by Franklin, a handsome and charming preacher’s kid.  As they build a life around the military, Virginia is forced to test her unconditional love for Franklin as his genetic inheritance of bipolar disorder seeks to destroy their family. By God’s grace, they fight to persevere through tragedy, illness, despair, and heartbreak during a long battle with the ups and downs of manic love.

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Mental Health Resources

Are you looking for resources for yourself or others?  Perhaps you just want to learn more about mental health, mental illness, and how to help us reduce mental health stigma.  Click the button below for additional resources.

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Good Grief?

Good Grief? What’s so good about grief? Why you grieve is certainly not good, but we all grieve and we all do it differently. I am...

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